Why study Romance Philology?

The native Spanish speaker student in BA of Romance Philology will be able to master his self- expression and to have a better oral and written understanding of the languages, literature and cultures of millions of people around the world, both in Europe, and in America or on other continents.

Spanish, a UN official language, is the native language for a large population – the second after Mandarin, amounting to around 500 million speakers in the whole world. Portuguese has more than 200 million native speakers mostly in Portugal and Brazil, but also in Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Cabo Verde. French is also a very internationally disseminated language having around 190 million native speakers in France, Belgium, Swiss and Canada, but also in Monaco, Luxemburg, Andorra, Haiti, Santa Lucia, Trinidad Tobago, Guadalupe, Congo, Senegal etc. Italian is the native language for about 65 million people, and it is spoken mainly in Italy, parts of Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican, the region of Istria (Croatia), Eritrea or Somalia. Romanian has almost 30 million speakers living mostly in Romania, Moldavia and Voivodina – but increasingly more present across Europe due to a massive emigration process.

The BA also concedes a notable interest to other Ibero-Romance languages as Catalan and Galician (gallego).

To sum up, what the BA in Romance Philology offers is the possibility to communicate in an effective and comprehensive manner with millions of people all over the world – as it facilitates the access not only to all these languages, but to their literature and culture.