What for?

The Humanities don’t usually have the aim of producing material goods or explaining physical phenomena, instead they try to understand the human being as part of the world through its linguistic, literary, artistic, social, political, cultural and religious expression. Nevertheless, not many people in the present world can afford living by reflexion, in the absence of a paid job.

The BA in Romance Philology offers a complete formation that allows the student to develop her best competence and facilitate her immediate integration in the work market.

Till now, the students of the BA in Romance Philology were few in numbers, due to the fact that this area of studies is not popular among teenagers in high-school. But it is proven that, due to their formation, to their fluency in various languages and to their excellent academic results, the students of the BA in C have been among the first to get a paid job the year after graduation.

These are the most common domains of the work market that receive Romance Philology graduates:

  • Teaching in Elementary Education, investigation and teaching in universities, teaching foreign languages in private teaching centres
  • Working in public libraries, cultural institutions (e.g. Cervantes Institute and its centres in all Romance-language countries)
  • Translating and mediating in public and private institutions (it is possible to combine a BA in Romance Philology and a BA in Translating)
  • Diplomacy
  • Editing and book industry in general
  • National and international cultural agencies
  • Press and all media industry
  • Cultural consultancy in business companies